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Our philosophy of Thoughtful effort, Loving firmness and Compassionate patience (TLC) is based in an understanding of the psychosocial development of tweens and teens. The TLC framework empowers parents to raise their children in a way that celebrates strengths and gives direction for bolstering them in those areas where they still need to grow.


You'll find a wealth of information and resources on parenting teens & tweens on my blog, that I co-author with Susan Galvin, LCSW.

Blink of Your Eye aims to help parents establish a realistic and manageable balance as they raise their tween and teen children by providinguseful information and celebrating the humor of this wonderfully tumultuous stage. 

Parenting tweens and anticipating adolescence is like waiting in line to board a turbulent roller coaster ride. While appearing cool and confident, you are secretly calculating the potential of slipping out from under the safety bar should the car fly off the track. The ride is over in the blink of your eye and you marvel at how you felt like throwing up and laughing all at the same time. Parenting tweens and teens is no less thrilling or tumultuous. We know. We’ve seen it as professionals (with over 40 years of combined experience) and lived it as parents ourselves. Hop on the ride with us and let us help you safely and sanely parent through the pre-teen years and gear up for your child's


teens & tweens

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